Medium Voltage Substations

The need to build a MV Substation occurs when a consumer’s power requirements exceed 135KVA, which is the largest Low Voltage power supply offered by PPC. Then the customer has to build his own substation with 20kV Medium Voltage power supply provided by PPC in accordance with its designs and instructions.

Medium Voltage Substations are of key importance in electricity distribution networks as they are the points where the PPC network’s Medium Voltage is transformed from 20, 15 or 6.6Kv to Low Voltage 400/230V for use in industrial or residential consumers. 

In our projects we use materials from well-known European firms with whom we work directly to ensure fast delivery of facilities, complete compatibility of equipment used and reliable end result.

Maintenance is carried out by our experienced crews of highly trained electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, electricians and engineers who have the know-how and the technical equipment required to perform the most demanding project.

We also undertake the maintenance of MV Substations, power upgrades and repairs to customers throughout Greece.