Although not widely known, the word “Inox” comes from the Greek “anoxeidoto”, i.e. stainless steel. No other metal resists oxidation as effectively. Inox is a metal alloy created with steel, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, titanium, etc., which, following proper treatment and after some time, becomes resistant to oxidation. When in contact with the oxygen in the atmosphere, chromium, which is found in steel, forms a natural, invisible membrane on the surface of the metal, protecting it from oxidation.

The maintenance of Inox surfaces must be carried out regularly and carefully, so that they may preserve their impressive appearance. The membrane created by the Inox alloy on its surface, protecting it from oxidation, is destroyed by inappropriate cleaning powders, powerful detergents and friction generated by hard cloths. This is why it is recommended to maintain such surfaces with special cleaning products which are used periodically to protect Inox surfaces and enhance their natural shine.

Having thorough knowledge of all cleaning surfaces, DOMO CARE uses specialized and safe detergents and protective products for Inox surfaces, removing accumulated dirt and stains from stainless steel surfaces and restoring their original shine while protecting them in order to preserve their shine for a long time.